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An ebook is a book in digital format intended to be read on computers, tablets, smartphones and on those devices created specifically for reading books in digital format such as e-readers (e.g. Kindle, Kobo, Tolino etc.)  There are two main ebook formats:
PDF, which can be read on a PC or tablet, and EPUB, which can be read on e-readers and all devices.
Let’s go into the specifics of the individual formats:
The PDF format is the easiest to read. All devices have pre-installed apps or programs that can read this format. Then just download the PDF file to your device and open it without having to install additional applications.
The EPUB format is the most widespread and popular ebook format and is supported by most devices on the market. Nonetheless, there is no universal software to open this format everywhere.
Each device has its own default applications with which you can open and read an ePub file.  Below we see the most common ones:
WINDOWS PC: on a normal computer it is necessary to install programs that support the ePub format. The most common and simple to use is Caliber which has a built-in viewer called Caliber Viewer.
MAC and IOS (iPhone): Apple devices already have the BOOKS application pre-installed which natively supports ePubs. So simply download the file and, by clicking on it, the ebook will open directly within the BOOKS application without having to download anything additional.
ANDROID: smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system already have the GOOGLE PLAY BOOKS application pre-installed which natively supports ePubs. Then simply download the file and open it with the GOOGLE PLAY BOOKS application, again without having to download anything additional.


Discover the secret language of your hands and awaken the power that lies dormant inside you. This book will guide you on a fascinating journey to discover Mudras, ancient gestures yogic people capable of harmonizing the energy of the body and mind. You will learn how to use these powerful hand postures for:
● Awaken your vital energy (Prana)
● Balance the Chakras and Doshas
● Achieve deep inner calm
● Improve your health and well-being
● Connect with your spirituality
Through clear explanations, detailed illustrations and practice sequences, this book will give you in-depth knowledge of Mudras and their potential transformative. Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, This book will open the doors to a new level of awareness and well-being. Start your journey today and discover the power of Mudras!

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